Day 75 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

Popped to see Seonaid this morning, we sat for a couple of hours talking about all things camino – all our other friends and family just glaze over at the very mention haha! Chatting while Seonaid made the coffee (and finding the homemade date slice for us, yum!) I was looking out of the window at the bird table which is just outside and despite the rain there were lots of Goldfinches.

Day 73 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

I was woken with a start during the early hours of this morning, “wow“, I thought, “that rain is heavy“. It was absolutely hammering down. It wasn’t until I got up and looked out of the window that I realised that it had been hail not rain!

After seeing the size of the hail I checked the van and the house roof for damaged tiles but there didn’t seem to be any thankfully!

Day 72 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

An absolutely awful day weather-wise, getting so fed up of bad weather and the cold and winter, the only thing I did today worthy of a photograph was popping to the Co-op for some supplies. Poor MisterT, as i’m still not able to lift heavy bags, he got the job of packing the shopping into the van and taking the trolley back!

I wasn’t laughing, honest…

Day 31 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

Well, i’m happy to have made it to the end of the first month of this project without missing a day.

The weather today is not conducive to going out unless you really need to (as I type this I can hear the crofter on his quad bike on the field behind the house), winds gusting over 60mph, squally showers blowing in bring hail and sleet and the ferries are cancelled. Spent the day catching up on some indoor jobs.

Nothing really inspired me to take a photo today – I tried some of the weather but they really don’t do the conditions justice!

I settled on the dog in the lounge – the nearest I come to having a real dog these days – with my current lifestyle having a pet wouldn’t be fair on it – I like to take off for a couple of months at a time or I need to go and look after my increasingle elderly parents at the drop of a hat. Perhaps one day when i’m more settled I’ll have a dog again, for now Woody will have to do 🙂


Day 17 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

More snow last night and overnight, I made it out for a walk, I couldn’t believe how black the sky was and felt sure that i’d get snowed on as I walked – I have done absolutely nothing to this image, it is just as it came out of the phone. I was going to head to the beach but the northerly wind was so harsh and bitingly cold that it was almost painful, so I only went as far as the golf club.

More snow than i’ve seen here in a long time – at least twelve years!