Day 104 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

A lovely sunny day! I had a job to do today – go up to Kildonan Museum and take some photos of the forthcoming exhibition to commemorate SS Marloch which left Lochboisdale 100 years ago with 300 islanders aboard, bound for a new life in Canada. A massive loss, in terms of humanity, to the islands.

I also had to take some new photographs in Kildonan cafe as that is now under new management. Last job of the day was to update the museum website with the new photos and information!

The Marloch exhibition which will run for two years from 15th April 2023
One of the photos for the cafe section of the museum website. Homemade too!
New graphics for the museum website update. Sadly I didn’t get to eat the props 🙂