Day 54 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

Our last day at Ardeseir so we had some errands to run. First of all off to the big Tesco on the outskirts of Inverness to stock up on shopping – especially things we can’t get on the island! Later on we did some packing ready for leaving tomorrow.

Today’s image is bit of an abstract, it started with a photo of me looking out into the dark night.

Day 51 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

I’ve been managing to walk daily, trying to go just a tiny bit further each day, while also trying not to overdo things. Today I walked along the shore then cut through Ardeseir Common. So very different to the terrain at home, it was lovely to be in the trees and I was thrillled to find these snowdrops.

Ardeseir Common
Ardeseir shoreline, looking towards the Black Isle

Day 47 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

From one of the windows of the apartment I could see a bench along the seafront, not too far away so late morning I wrapped up warm and headed out for my first walk since the operation, walking very slowly and carefully I made it along to the bench (too cold to sit and admire the view) and spotted this boat and pink shed just a few yards beyond and had to photograph it! The wind was bitterly cold so I cut through a small lane and into the village then walked back, sheltered by the buildings.

Day 46 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

We left the Premier Inn at lunchtime and headed over to Ardeseir where we’d booked an Airbnb apartment looking over the sea. It will be a great place to spend some time here resting and recouperating before making the long journey back home (66 miles driving + 5 hour ferry + 50 miles driving). The apartment is lovely and has everything we will need for the next 10 days.

View from the balcony, Dolphin Bay Suites, Ardeseir