Day 53 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

Headed into Inverness to meet my friend, my first time out in the car for a week, things are feeling much more comfortable than a week ago. We had coffee at the great cafe in the TISO store in Inverness and afterwards mooched about looking at the outdoors stuff, treated myself to a long-handled spork plus got a wee gift for my daughter’s birthday later in the month 🙂

Great to have a catch up with D 🙂

Day 45 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

Unbelievably after seeing the consultant (who did yesterdays op.) he deemed me fit for discharge! I’m not going back to the island yet but will hang around for a wee while until i’m feeling much more comfortable to travel. We headed away from the hospital after lunch and booked back into the Premier Inn. The staff there were so sweet and had put a lovely note and a wee gift in my room. Still feeling very sore and horribly bloated from all the gas they pump you full of but getting about slowly and carefully. MrT is being a superstar looking after me.

Talking of superstars I really cannot speak highly enough about the staff at Raigmore who were absolutely amazing, all so kind, caring and considerate.

View from the ward at Raigmore Hospital

Day 44 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

OK so strictly speaking this photo was not taken by me but I requested it. It was taken once I was back on the ward and about five hours after the 3 to 3.5 hour surgery that I had this morning which all seems to have gone well. I’m now one kidney short of a full complement but i’m also rid of the nearly 5″ tumour that had become best buddies with it. I’m very sore and not moving about too much yet and whatever happens don’t make me laugh it’s too painful haha!

Day 43 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

A lovely afternoon chatting and catching up with my friend (she’d been on nights the last couple of nights) then late afternoon we headed over to Inverness as we had booked into the a Premier Inn so that we would be very close to the hospital as I am to go straight to theatre tomorrow morning at 7.30am. A lovely view in the late afternoon looking towards the Kessock Bridge.

Day 41 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

Checked out of the hotel in the morning and headed round the corner to a lovely cafe Grain and Grind in Inverness where I waited for a friend who had some errands to run before picking me up. I now have a couple of nights with my friend which is great as it will keep my mind off Monday!

My friend stays near Beauly and has a great garden with different birds to the ones i’m used to seeing at home on the island, plus she has Red Squirrels visiting!

MrT managed to get the ferry though it was running very late and he arrived after dark but at least he’s here. Thank goodness.

I didn’t manage to catch any Red Squirrels in my photo