Otter and Eagles

After the wet and windy weather over Christmas it made a pleasant change to have a cold, calm spell. Most of the lochs were frozen over, often with just a small ice free area where all the birds were congregating. While birding at Loch Bee we noticed movement which turned out to be an Otter running across the frozen loch – it must have been out to the unfrozen area to fish and was heading back to dry land. Just as it reached land we noticed there were also two White-tailed Eagles sitting out on rocks near the shore. Amazing to get both otter and eagles in the same shot!

I posted the photo on Twitter and I think it’s been the most popular photo i’ve ever put on there and has currently received 3.3K likes and 365 retweets!

Yvonne Benting Hebridean Imaging Photography Otter and two White-tailed Eagles on frozen Loch Bee South Uist Outer Hebrides
Otter and White-tailed Eagles, Loch Bee