May 2021 update

Things are still quiet here in the islands though since April 26th travel is now permitted again but I think there are still restrictions on the ferry capacity. We remain in Scottish Tier 3. I’ve taken the opportunity to visit Barra a couple of times in the last few weeks, camped both times. The first time was on foot to walk some of the Hebridean Way and last weekend I took my bike over and did some cycling – probably not the brightest idea having not been on my bike since August 2019 hahaha!

The Uist Craft Producers AGM is tomorrow, 8th May, hopefully there will be some news about the shop opening, though it will entirely depend on whether there are volunteers who feel comfortable manning it. At the moment, until I have my second vaccination I feel unsure whether I want to man or not. And anyway once i’ve had my second vaccination my plan, and first priority, is to wait three weeks then head down to see my family on the mainland – i’m desperate to see them – mum and dad, my two girls and my two wee grandsons, i’ve missed them so much!

Hopefully I can update you soon on the Kildonan shop situation.

In the meantime a photo from my Barra trip