This is a challenge that was started in 2013 by artist Jean Stevens – last year she had over 200 official participants. This year it is being run again. There isn’t much to it – just draw every single day during the month of August! #DrawingAugust is run primarily via Twitter, Jean is @JeanStevens4 and her website with more information about the challenge is: http://jeanstevensstudiodiary.wordpress.com I made a Twitter account for participating @YvonnesSketches but there were also some of my fellow OCA students who wanted to participate but couldn’t/didn’t want to use Twitter so they started a Facebook Group for posting the daily drawings to, it’s called #DrawingAugust2014 and can be found at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1460449057539996 I have compiled the 31 drawings into a YouTube slide show:-