Day 71 / 365 – Photo a Day Project 2023

Part way through the morning a friend from North Uist phoned, I was chatting merrily away to him and suddenly he disappeared. “Hmm strange“, I thought. Phone rang again and he was on his mobile, “we had a power cut” he said. After we’d finished chatting I thought, “time for coffee!” I headed into the kitchen and was met by silence, total silence. I realised not even the fridge was running and that we also had a power cut. We are not usually off for long but I really needed coffee and my camping stove was handy on the worktop, ready for taking on a wee jaunt so I fired it up and made a brew.

The power cut was island-wide, from Lewis to Barra and also part of Skye and lasted a few hours. I don’t know what the problem was.

My trusty, and fairly old, Trangia stove, it runs on meths and though heavyish for taking hiking is a joy to use and very efficient. I treated myself last year to a fire starter which has a bone handle and was made by my friend Ani from Cast of Antlers Crafts