Catching up with creative things

Having crossed quite a lot of things off my very long “to do” list I rewarded myself by shutting myself away for a few hours yesterday evening to catch up with some more of the lessons of the Sketchbook Skool class “Expressing” that was run earlier this year over a six week period. I’d done the first three weeks but then was in Spain with virtually no internet. I have to say that I really really enjoyed the class by Michael Nobbs and really like his “Sustainably Creative” website. I’ve been striving all of this year to be creative every single day and this is mostly working out – there have very, very few days when I don’t do at least something creative – even if it is just a few rows of my crocheted blanket work in progress.

Michael suffers with ME/CFS and he gives plenty of advice on staying creative when you have little energy (or time).

I’d already decided that as from 1st July i’m going to do a collage every day for the month – I will look upon this as my daily playtime 😀

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Beautiful Eriskay!