Sketching and Sktchy

The weather has been atrocious all over the Christmas period – sometimes the wind was gusting to over 70mph and the rain was torrential. This all meant that I didn’t want to leave the house but was a bit fed up with practising my drawing by sketching the teapot or the pepper grinder for the umteenth time. I have a friend that has been doing a 365 day challenge during 2016 – and she was drawing/sketching a face every day on a post-it note and used the Sktchy app for continous inspiration.

The idea of the app is that people upload photos (of themselves or their friends or families) and the artists in the Sktchy community use the photo for inspiration for a drawing or painting (using real not virtual media, though some do use drawing apps). There are some amazing artists on there! Also a whole variety of experiences from raw beginners just starting out to professional artists/illustrators with years of experience.

Everyone is really friendly and encouraging so I plucked up courage to add a few that i’d done (I first downloaded the Sktchy app back in July 2016).

I have to say i’m not the best at faces – I have terrible trouble getting the eyes right, in one of the following pictures I made such a hash of it that I ended up collaging an eye in… Anyway, I’ve had fun and hopefully as time goes by my portraits will improve!