Liberate Your Art 2016 – update

I was very excited to go to the post office to collect my two months worth of mail that had built up while I was away.

Yay! All six of the swap cards that I was sent have arrived and are pictured below and I have added details of the senders below the picture.

Thank you once again to Kat Sloma for organising and thank you to all the people who participated. I’ve looked at all the blogs on the blog hop – my, there are some talented people out there!

The stats for this years swap, the 6th year are:-

1050 pieces of art liberated
175 artists participating
12 countries represented

Top left: Kat Sloma

Top right: Eric Muhr – link to web site doesn’t seem to be working 🙁

Middle left: Debra Fillingim

Middle right: Karen Johnson, Ohio

Bottom left: Not sure of the name but to be found at

Bottom right: Cynthia Jones, Florida

I loved all the cards I received, thanks so much!

Right, cup of tea for me now and off to sort through the less exciting mail – bills, circulars and bank statements!